The key I gave him for the

Couldn't tell. The mess hall was deserted and the light dimmed. Chai was slumped in a chair, his fingers twirling a salt pitcher on the table. Dark shadows google were beneath his eyes and stubble lined his jaw. He looked exhausted. Hi. My voice echoed through the empty mess hall. His head jerked to me. You shouldn't be out of bed. I'm fine. I wrung my hands. I needed to fix things between us, but I didn't know where to start. I'll take you back to the infirmary. You should be resting. He rubbed a fist over his face. No, I'm not going clash of clans hack back there. I rubbed the palm of my hand nervously on my sweatpants. I want to go to my room. Sylvain said its okay. My face turned red at telling a lie so smoothly, but Chai barely looked at me. clash of clans hack He followed me down the corridor to my room; not saying a word. Not even when we reached my room, did he speak. Unease was growing inside me. He didn't touch me; he didn't even look at me. Everything that happened from the moment I stepped into the infirmary and faced Nuevo felt a bit hazy, but I clearly remember telling him I loved him. I was shot, I nearly died and now he had nothing to say to me. Chai? He turned to me and his eyes wandered over my face. A storm brew in his eyes and it hit me – he was furious. You're angry with me, I said surprised. The storm broke in his eyes. He slammed the button with a fist and the door shut behind us, before he whirled on me like a tornado. Two times now have you got shot because of me! I watched you die! He looked like he wanted clash of clans hack to shake me and involuntarily I took a step back. His anger scared the hell out of me. I told you to stay in your room. Why didn't you listen to me? I don't know if you're stupid or incredibly brave! Chai... but he didn't give me a chance to finish. He took a step closer and the pain clash of clans hack in his eyes slammed into my chest, worse than the impact of any bullet. It took my breath away. I watched you die...and I could do nothing! I couldn't let you die. I made Sylvain change you. Now you are what you fear the most. You're not human anymore. I know you'll clash of clans hack never forgive me for all the hurt I caused you. He towered over me and for a moment I was sure he wanted to touch me. Then he whirled around and stalked to the door to leave. I had to save you and now I lost you. His words cut like a knife through me. He had been through a lot these past days. We both had. If I were in his position I would be angry too – I would die if something happened to him. But he didn't understand. I had to put myself in danger. I would do anything to keep him safe. It didn't matter if I had to lose a part of my humanity in the process. Chai, I said softly and he stopped. I took his arm and turned him to face me. The hack muscles in his shoulders were so tensed; I could physically feel his need to smash something. He was filled with so much pain and anger and my breath hitched. Not now, Lexie, he grunted hack and tried to pull away from me. But I wouldn't let him. We've wasted